2022’s Hottest Jewelry Trends for Men

Posted by Richeese ,8th Apr 2022
2022’s Hottest Jewelry Trends for Men

Men don’t wear jewelry often, but a few key pieces will set the tone for a look that can be elegant, streetwear chic or alternative. If you are the kind of guy that likes a bit of bling, there are plenty of styles to enjoy in the coming year. This article will sum up what you should be looking out for.

Heavy Chains

Heavy chains are probably the hottest look in this year’s menswear fashion. These are usually shorter chains that fit close to the neck. They can be worn in a variety of metals including gold, silver, bronze, and anything in between. They are perfect for completing a streetwear look.

Kitschy Jewelry

Kitschy jewelry is a big part of the dopamine dressing trend. Here we are talking about brightly colored beads, some of which are engraved with letters. While you may think this style is exclusive to women, men can wear it too. It makes a great addition to streetwear or a fun, casual style.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is very much inline with the eco-friendly styles of today. Beyond being attractive many of these stones have meaning. For example, some are said to have healing powers while others can boost energy. They are often incorporated into bracelets or flattened into pendants and make a rugged addition to casual looks.

Hoop Earrings

If you have your ear pierced, you may consider adorning it with a hoop earring. You can go for a simple, single small hoop or opt for a piece with a charm dangling off it such as a feather. It’s all about the pirate chic.

Layered Rings

Layered rings have been a popular look in women’s fashion for years now and, in 2022, you can expect them to cross over into men’s wear. Unlike ladies looks, these rings will be simpler with stacks of basic bands that come up to the fist knuckle. They are available in wide ranges of metal as well as neutral color varieties.

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are another woman’s jewelry style that’s making a cross over. Instead of the bulky bangles that female fashionistas wear, men’s counterparts will be just one thin basic band that adds a sexy, masculine aesthetic to any style.

Crystal Pendant Necklace

Crystals are often incorporated into modern looks. Beyond being attractive, they are also meaningful and said to provide a healing energy. If you believe in crystals, get a nice bulky pendant necklace to ward off evil spirits when you’re hanging around town.

Armory Band Rings

Armory band rings are inspired by medieval chains, symbols, and armor. They have a bony appearance and are often featured in silver. They offer a terrific alternative style.

Leather Bands

The braided leather band is becoming a classic in men’s bracelet look. It’s a timeless staple that’s ideal for adding texture to the wrist.

If you want to dress up your look, jewelry is a great way to do it. The items mentioned in this article are ideal for a masculine aesthetic that’s sure to impress. Which will you be adding to your accessories collection?

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