What Swimwear Looks are Hot for 2022?

Posted by Richeese ,8th Apr 2022
What Swimwear Looks are Hot for 2022?

We may just be emerging from winter’s chill, but spring break is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about the bathing suits you’ll be adding to your collection.

2022 has some hot looks in store. Here are some you may want to pick up the next time you’re out shopping.

Crochet All Day

The crochet look has been making a statement in festival wear and it is crossing over into bikinis. The style works best in warm and vibrant tones including rainbow and floral prints. The material doesn’t hold up well in water so it will be for beach bathing only, but this gives you an excuse to make the most of it. Wear your crochet suit with a colorful cover up and jewelry or go for jewel and seashell embellishments.

Tie Me Up

The tied-up look is a perfect extension of cut outs that have been trending in recent times. It involves a bikini style with a tie that comes up from the bottom or top of the suit to wrap around the bare stomach area. Its sexy, sultry, and extremely hot.

Cut Outs

The tied-up look is a great extension of the cut out, but why not go for the real thing? Here we are talking about one-piece suits with cut outs around the center, shoulders, neck area or wherever the designer sees fit. The look is figure flattering with a focus on symmetrical or asymmetrical geometrics.

Barely There

There’s always room for a barely-there bikini and this year will be no exception. When it comes to cuts, it can be anything from an itty-bitty bandeau to pieces of fabric that stretch across the skin attached with a string.


On while on the subject of bandeaus, these will be making a big-time comeback. They can be featured as a flat strap across the chest that goes well with a high-waisted bottom to create defined lines, or you can opt for more of an m shape that tapers in between the breasts. Just make sure yours doesn’t come down when you’re underwater!


Metallics are another fashion trend making a crossover in bathing suit looks. They can be featured in a variety of colors ranging from blacks to silvers to golds to deep reds. They may not be perfect for swimming, but they will certainly make a poolside splash. Be sure to wear plenty of sunblock when wearing this reflective fabric.

Gingham and Checked Patterns

Gingham and checks have that girl next door look that’s perfect for beach and poolside fun. You can integrate a variety of colors and always look terrific. While a full suit looks great, a gingham bikini top paired with cut off denims make for stylish festival fashion.

It’s never too early to start thinking about bathing suits. Now that you know what’s hot for 2022, you can start stocking up on the looks that will get you headed to the beach or pool in style. Which of these will work best for you?

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